Thank you for your interest in Simply Western. As proprietress, my job is to create custom western riding apparel with style and comfort you never thought possible . While my company name is relatively new to the riding circuit, I have been designing and creating the finest in western riding outfits for over 15 years. Please allow me to tell you who I am, what I have been doing and what I would like to do for you.



With a fashion design background firmly based in New York's finest schools and clothiers, I was approched in 1990 by friends who wanted to bring the painstaking craft of haute couture to the riding world. The company they owned was The Final Touch, and I was their western tailor. Until their dissolution, every western garment that carried their label was designed, assembled and fitted by me.
IIf you ever owned a Final Touch creation, or have ever tried one on, you know the distinctive feel and the type of craftsmanship I strive for. I have brought the same attention to detail to Simply Western and believe my garments are without equal in the industry for style, fit, comfort and value. I urge you to compare my garments to the competitors and see the difference for yourself.
In short, I would like to be the tailor for your western riding apparel. I would like to create a custom ensemble for you that will give you years of pleasure, pride of ownership and success in the show ring. I want you to experience the personal attention you deserve in a fashion designer. I want to be the one you rely on for all your western needs. I want you to see why Simply Western is Simply the Best!


Cindi Kianka